Seal and Supports are floor leveling experts. Homeowners who want their floors leveled call us. The crawlspace is part of your foundation. Over time columns can sink, beams and joists can rot, crack, and sag. When something happens to structural wood in the crawlspace, it will quickly show in the floors, walls, and ceilings above.  



​Many of our customers have lived with sloping sagging floors for years. Sagging happens slowly over time and is often not noticed until someone points it out to the homeowner. Many of our referrals come from contractors who are installing flooring or cabinets. The contractor knows the floors must be level or the product they install will be damaged. Here are a few things that homeowners notice when their joists and beams begin to sag.


Cracks above doors

High and low areas across the floors 

Trim separating from the ceiling or floors

Doors that stick or no longer shut

Counters pulling away from the walls

Spills run to a low area 

Furniture and appliances that lean away from walls

 It is also important to add support when opening or removing a wall as loads are transferred to other areas. Take into account that when weight is added to the middle of a floor such as kitchen islands with granite counter tops, the supports below may not be adequate. Supplemental beams or jacks can be added or additional joists may suffice.  


Many homeowners just do not want their floors to bounce. For example, it can be very irritating when the dishes in the china cabinet rattle when someone walks across the floor. This problem can be solved with a supplemental beam as well.


At Seal and Supports we do the following work to level your floors:

Light and heavy duty jacks


Supplemental beams

Double joists

Replace joists

Replace rotten wood

Replace beams

Replace shims