Most home owners are well aware that water around the foundation can cause a lot of damage. It is very important to do what is necessary to keep water away from your home.​ 


Most homeowners successfully divert water away from their home. They can extend downspouts, create a shallow swale, and some even have the means to regrade so the earth slopes away from the home. Often times the problems are beyond what a home owner can or wants to do.

Seal and Supports uses many methods to keep water away from the foundation.  First we recommend that water from the downspouts is directed away from the home. Many homes are built on a hill with the slope directing water directly into the foundation. Instead of adding soil around the foundation which will absorb water and will eventually seep through to the interior, Seal and Supports recommends reducing the grade away from the home to direct water around. Retaining walls with drainage behind them can be used to reshape the slope. In addition drainage paths or curtain drains with opened gravel tops can be installed to absorb surface water. Sometimes simply regrading can do the trick.

When exterior methods don't work Seal and Supports can do interior drainage. We will get the water out using a sump pump or positive drains and when necessary drainage tile can be installed in the crawlspace to direct water to the pump or positive drain. 

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